Home Security Tips with Vincent Security

Home Security Tips With Vincent Security

Home Security Tips with Vincent Security

The Brisbane region comes across as a relaxed and laid back area. As a result, home security is often far from the forefront of homeowners’ minds. For many, it simply seems unlikely that anyone will try and break in. In most cases, the likelihood of you falling victim to thieves or vandals depends on where you live. Some areas are more prone to such activity than others. However, regardless of where you live, good home security solutions are vital. The fact is, break-ins can happen anywhere. They not only result in the loss of property and money but also your sense of safety and security in your own home. That is simply irreplaceable. So the best approach is a proactive one.

By taking the steps to secure your home and property early on, you can avoid the dreadful feeling of having your security and personal space compromised. If nothing else, a good security network around your home will offer fantastic peace of mind. To help you with the process of securing your property, the team at Vincent Security has developed this brief list of home security tips.

Invest in good quality security screens

Security screens and doors come in all shapes and sizes. From iron security bars to lightweight security screens, these barriers vary in appearance and quality. The rugged and unrefined appearance of some models is enough to turn a lot of homeowners off the idea altogether. But this needn’t be the case. There is an abundance of sleek, elegant and refined security screen models and the most highly regarded of these is CrimSafe. CrimSafe screens employ pioneering technology to offer unrivaled strength and security. Instead of using the raw strength of steel bars, CrimSafe screens take a more innovative approach. This allows the screens to maintain a great appearance while offering unmatched strength.

First, the screens are constructed from a light gauge, high strength steel. This is non-intrusive and looks better than a conventional flyscreen. Then, the screens are attached to a strong frame using the patented screw-clamp™ technology. When installed by a professional, these screens are impenetrable and resist high-impact force, as well as blades. By installing these around your home, you can effectively prevent even the most well-prepared intruder from entering your home.

Is your home an appealing target for thieves?

Sometimes, home security is about the small things. Our first tip is great for preventing intruders from entering your home altogether. But there is more you can do to discourage them from even trying. The outward appearance of your home is something that anyone can see from the street. When it comes to home security, this can be either a useful tool or a shortcoming. Experienced thieves will look at the appearance of homes along your street to ascertain which are likely to be easy targets. When making this assessment, there are a few things they will look for.

#1 Overgrown gardens

Your garden can be an indicator of how secure your home is. An overgrown garden suggests a few things. Most notably, it might suggest that you are not home very often. If it appears as though you are not around enough to maintain your front garden, some intruders might then presume that your home is an easy target. They might go so far as to assume that you are not home at all. This is an inviting prospect for any would-be thief. Alternatively, they might see overgrown foliage, bushes or shrubs as a perfect hiding place.

If they can take cover in your front garden, they will be able to spend longer working out whether or not you are home. This can give them an advantage and allow them to identify possible lapses in your security. To avoid this, you should consider keeping your garden tidy and free from easy hiding places. A neat, well-pruned garden indicates an owner who takes pride in their home and is likely to have further security arrangements in place.

#2 Poor lighting

Our previous point leads nicely into this one. In the same way that overgrown shrubbery serves as a good hiding spot, so too do shadowy unlit areas. A home with no lighting very often suggests that the owners are not home. It also provides a lot of space in which an intruder can get around undetected – both by you and other people on the street. This is where some strategically placed lights or sensor lights can be your best weapon. Placing lights at specific points around your home and garden will eliminate dark and shadowy areas altogether. This means that a would-be intruder is sure to be caught out from the moment they enter your property. If a sensor light turns on unexpectedly, any trespasser is sure to take off in a hurry. This might seem like a very simple solution, but it is undoubtedly one of the most effective. It’s simplicity simply adds to its appeal.

#3 Open or unsecured side windows

In many cases of burglary, thieves have entered through a side door or window. There is a simple reason for this. The front of a home is most often visible from the street. This means that an intruder will be less inclined to hang around there. If they can pass through your front yard undetected, they will invariably seek cover to minimise their chances of being seen. Many homeowners take security precautions in the front and rear of their houses, but seemingly few apply the same prudence to possible points of entry on the side. By installing sensor lights, locking your side windows and installing security screens, you can address this issue effectively.

CrimSafe also makes security screens suitable for all varieties of windows. These come complete with the Safe-S-Cape fire safety system. As a result, you are secure not only from intruders but also fires. These security screens have the same strength as the models used for doors, so you can have complete confidence in their capacity to resist impact and cutting. By following these simple home security tips, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a secure and safe house.

For more security tips and all your home security needs, contact the experts at Vincent Security today on (07) 3849 4555.