Will the security screen block my view?

Depending on the light and time of day, a Crimsafe security screen will still allow a good outlook and will not reduce your view in a substantial way. It’s unrealistic to say that it won’t change or affect visibility at all, but from a distance a crimsafe security screen will have a transparency similar to tinted glass.

An added benefit of the Crimsafe system is that it acts as a blind and can help the thermal efficiency of your home by reducing the intensity of the sun’s heat. Independent studies have shown that installing a Crimsafe screen reduces solar heat gain into the home by over 50 per cent, when covering the whole window.

What makes Crimsafe so strong?

Customers often ask our Vincent Security team why the Crimsafe products are so much stronger than other security screens. There are many elements that go into making the Crimsafe products so robust, but one of the major reasons the doors and screens are so strong is that the stainless steel mesh is screwed and clamped down into the door frame using a special patented system. This unique selling point is technology that cannot be legally copied by other manufacturers.

If barged against or kicked, the screw clamp distributes the impact force evenly throughout the frame structure making the screens able to absorb very strong impacts, especially compared to other plastic wedging systems which are easier to kick out. The stainless steel mesh used in Crimsafe products also is slightly thicker than other stainless steel mesh products and each strand is woven in such a way that the surrounding strands support and strengthen each other.