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Crimsafe Fire Attenuation Screens & Heat Attenuation screens

Crimsafe Fire Attenuation screens are different from normal Crimsafe screens in their purpose, design and installation.

Fire Attenuation is different from fire ratings and bush fire resistance

Objectives of Fire / Heat Attenuation Screens

Provide protection, to the degree necessary, to limit the potential for fire spread to occur between buildings via flames and/or radiant heat.

When are they Required?

Unit Developments are being built on smaller sites, to maximize the foot print of complex and to maintain livability thought natural light and airflow openings are often designed in the external walls. When the design has an opening within 3 meters from the property boundary or 6 meters from another building on the same site an Alternative Solution will need to be calculated to meet BCA requirements.

Who works out the Alternative Solution?

The use of Fire / Heat attenuation screens is call up by a Fire Engineer in a Fire Safety Report (FSR) and is part of the Alternative Solution method of meeting building compliance when the below issue is identified as not meeting the Building Code of Australia (BCA) [1] Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions.

Design Issue – Unprotected openings less than 3m from a property boundary or 6 meters from another building on the same site.

The outcome of the analysis is to demonstrate that the Alternative Solution satisfies the requirements of the Building Code of Australia by satisfying the respective Performance Requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Each fire attenuation job is carefully assessed so they can accurately create a FRS which will be sent to Queensland Fire & Rescue for final approval of the project

Why use Crimsafe Fire / Heat Attenuation Screens?
  • 1. Crimsafe has been tested by the CSIRO test report FSZ 0688 Reduction of radiant heat by up to 45%. Full Test Report is available on request
  • 2. Crimsafe fire attenuation screens also allows for the same Security and fly screening as normal Crimsafe would provide.
  • 3. Will effectively deal with the BCA requirements for the Prevention of Falls from Windows
  • 4. Crimsafe screens are WERS rated helping with energy efficiency Full Test Report is available on request
  • ★ ★ ★ Window Energy Rating Scheme 3 Start Cooling*
  • ★ ☆ Window Energy Rating Scheme 1.5 Heating Cooling*
  • *in a number of typical aluminium window applications

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